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DeCenter is the leading blockchain and cryptocurrency community. There are over 120,000 members across our Telegram channels.

We do not accept advertisements on "how to make a million dollars" or "trade signals."


We have the largest Russian-speaking Telegram community. The vast majority of the posts are seen by more than 60% of subscribers in the first 24 hours; the articles are opened over 50,000 times. The figures are right on par with those of the federal media.

Our August meetup best illustrates the level of audience engagement. All 700 tickets were booked in the first five hours.

More than 200,000 people have downloaded our ICO book.

World’s leading news outlets publish our experts’ opinions.

From the very beginning, we have been putting a lot of effort in attracting a target audience only. We are now rightfully considered the heart of Russia’s blockchain society!

Our Customers

All prices are in Bitcoin (btc), but you can also pay in ETH, USD, and RUB according to the conversion rate at the time of the sale.


Announcement of the Project

Price: 0.9 btc


Announcement of the Project + Review

Price: 1.2 btc


A Series of Posts

Price: 1.35 btc


Full Package

Price: 1.8 btc


Full Package, Event, and Expert Review

  • A post on @DeCenter
  • A review of the project and recommendation on @Penthaus
  • A full review on @DeCenterICO
  • Posts on social media (FB and VK)
  • Planning, organizing, and executing an event (100–700 participants)
  • Mention in DeCenter Daily newsletter
  • A full review of your project, provided by our analysts and experts (example)

Price: 2.9 btc


Posting your ICO on @DeCenterICO

The channel contains updates on the most attractive ICOs, with detailed reviews and analyses. The publications come out infrequently, and the audience consists mainly of the main channel subscribers who’re interested in ICOs.

Price: 0.2 btc


Event Announcement

  • Posted to a special channel @DCevents
  • Posting on "Events" website section
  • Mention in DeCenter Daily newsletter

Price: 0.2 btc


Daily Newsletter Including the Most Important News–#DeCenterDaily

Each morning more than 8,000 people read our news digest—a quick snapshot of the latest market news. Format: a short sponsored text + logo. The newsletter is also published on our channel each evening.

Today’s newsletter is sponsored by Biocoin — an international blockchain-based loyalty platform and a financial tool for supporting green businesses.

Price: 0.15 btc for one newsletter; 0.5 btc for five newsletters + a mention at The Highlights of the Day.

We welcome the creative approach to advertising, so please don’t hesitate to propose your vision for the partnership. Contact us via @DCTeam!

What else could we assist you with?
Projects and ICOs Reviews

Full Review by Our Experts (no less than 10–15 pages)

We recommend that founders and shareholders of companies planning on an ICO commission an external audit conducted by our organisation. Consequently, they will obtain an in-depth research report and the expert advice, helping identify the competitive disadvantages and thus, take the steps needed to improve a product before the launch.

Example: TokenStars
Price: 0.85 btc


Review of ICO, Token, or Project (2–3 pages)

A short review of your project’s advantages and prospects.

Example: ZRX review
Price: 0.5 btc

Event Management

We’ll organize your event for up to 700 members and issue 2 announcements on @DeCenter, an announcement on @DCevents, and a post linking to a live stream. You’ll have all organizational costs already incurred, i.e., site rental, audio and video recording equipment rental, and a live broadcast.

Price: 1.5 btc

DeCenter Agency

DeCenter Agency was founded in 2017 as part of the popular community DeCenter, which at the moment has amassed over 200,000 subscribers with different levels of engagement, from enthusiasts and developers to investors and reporters.

The current objectives of the blockchain projects in the field of communication with the audience can be divided into three parts: find the users and developers, explain them the project’s advantages, and support and develop the relationships.

We’ll get it all done for you.

Our Cases

Telegram: @DCTeam

Although we don’t do that "PR for PR" thing or feature non-crypto channels, we’re always ready to consider any form of informational collaboration.


Got any questions? You’re more than welcome to ask them!